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This temple with its massive grounds is located at the top of a mountain in the southern part of Tokushima Pilgrimage. It can be reached by foot or by cable car. It is said that Kukai/Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism and the Shikoku pilgrimage spent 100 days training here on his journey around the island.

Tairyuji Temple

It is located near the summit of the 618-meter-high mountain. The steep and rugged path leading up to the temple is so steep that is called a place where "pilgrims fall down" (henro korogashi). There is a lot to see at this impressive temple including a rock that has a statue of the Buddhist priest, Kukai that shows the assumed spot where he spent many days in training.

Cable Car to Tairyuji Temple

For those who are not up to the challenge of walking up to the temple, we recommend using the cable car (known in Japanese as ropeway), which is the longest ropeway in western Japan at 2,775 meters with a height difference of 422 meters. From the window, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Naka River, Mt.Tsurugi, Kii Channel, and Tachibana Bay.

Explore Tairyuji

When you enter the temple grounds walk through the rows of centuries-old cedar trees, breathe in the clean air, enjoy the panoramic view, and visit the various buildings. You can feel the changing seasons from the fresh greenery of summer to the changing leaves of autumn.

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Take a Cable Car to Tairyuji Temple

The Tairyuji Cable Car connects the Washi no Sato Station in Naka Town to the Tairyuji Station in Anan City. With a total length of 2,775 meters, it is the longest ropeway in western Japan. In the past, Tairyuji Temple was only accessible on foot and was one of the most difficult spots on the pilgrimage. However, the opening of this cable car has allowed many visitors to easily visit the temple and the huge temple grounds. A variety of alpine plants grow on the temple grounds throughout the seasons, including rhododendron in spring, hydrangea in the summer, maples in the autumn, and camellia in winter. 【How to Make a Reservation 】 ① Please select the date of your visit. ② Please select "8:00" for the time. ※Tickets can be used for any time of your choice on the valid day. ③ Please select the number of tickets you would like for the number of participants. ④ On the day of your visit, please tell the name of the person who made the reservation at the ticket counter. You will then receive your ticket. 【About the Cable Car】 ・Operating Hours: 8:00-16:40 (Last Service to the Temple) ・The cable car runs every 20 minutes. ・Operation times may change during heavy traffic. 【Location】 76, Tano, Naga-cho, Naga-gun, Tokushima 771-5203, Japan Tairyuji Ropeway





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