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A pilgrimage to the 88 sacred sites in Shikoku. Tokushima Prefecture, where the first through 23rd pilgrimage sites are located, is a "place of spiritual development." Among them, there are some difficult spots known as "henro-korogashi," and one of them is Tairyuji Temple. It is said that Kobo Daishi, Kukai, spent 100 days on his difficult pilgrimage, and the temple is also called "Koya in the west".

Challenge the pilgrimage to Tairyuji Temple

The 21st temple, Tairyuji, is located near the summit of the 618-meter-high Mount Tairyuji. It is also known as "Koya in the West" because of the similarity in the layout of the buildings and the atmosphere.The steep and rugged path so steep that the pilgrims fall down is called "henro-korogashi. Why not take a walking pilgrimage to Tairyuji Temple, where Kukai is said to have trained himself on a rock called Shashingatake when he was 19 years old?

The longest ropeway in western Japan, "Tairyuji Ropeway"

For those who are not up to the challenge of "henro-korogashi," we recommend using the ropeway to visit the temple. It is the longest ropeway in western Japan at 2,775 meters with a height difference of 422 meters. From the window, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Naka River, Mt.Tsurugi ,Kii Channel, and Tachibana Bay.

Spend time in the sacred air

After arriving near the summit by walking pilgrimage or by ropeway, climb the 108 steps to visit Tairyuji Temple.Walk through the rows of centuries-old cedar trees, breathe in the clean air, and enjoy the panoramic view all to yourself. Walk through the rows of centuries-old cedar trees, breathe in the clean air, and enjoy the panoramic view all to yourself. You can feel the changing seasons from the fresh greenery of summer to the changing leaves of autumn. Regardless of your religious beliefs, why not spend some time surrounded by a sacred atmosphere?

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Tairyuji rope-way Take a ropeway to Tairyuji Temple, a sacred site of 88 temples on Shikoku Island, also known as "Koya in the

The Tairyuji rope-way connects the Washinosato Station in Naka Town to the Tairyuji Station in Anan City. With a total length of 2,775 meters, it is the longest ropeway in western Japan and is a rare ropeway that crosses mountains and rivers. This ropeway is a direct route to Shashinzan Tairyuji Temple, the 21st temple of the 88 temples of Shikoku, located at the top of Mt.Tairyuji. The temple was previously accessible only on foot and was one of the most difficult spots on the pilgrimage, but with the opening of this route, many visitors can now easily climb the temple. 【How to book】 ①Please select the date of your visit. ②Please select "8:00" for the time. ※Tickets can be used for any operation of your choice on the same day. ③Please select the number of tickets you would like for the number of participants. ④On the day of your visit, please tell the name of the person who made the reservation at the ticket counter. You will receive a ticket. 【About the ropeway】 ・Operating hours: 8:00-16:40 (last service upstream) ・The operation runs every 20 minutes ・Operation interval changes during heavy traffic. 【Location】 76, Tano, Naga-cho, Naga-gun, Tokushima 771-5203, Japan Tairyuji Ropeway





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