Let's ride DMV in "a prefecture without trains"! Southern Tokushima Model Course

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Tokushima Prefecture is the only prefecture in all prefectures without electric train service. All trains that run are diesel-powered via fuel. However, the world's first vehicle, the DMV, is in operation in Tokushima.Take a DMV ride along the coastline or enjoy activities in the beautiful ocean. Here is a model course heading to southern Tokushima, where you can enjoy the sea, mountains, and rivers.

Highlights by the plannerHighlights

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    You can enjoy "SUP" at Awashima Beach in Anan City, about 40 minutes by car from Tokushima City. SUP stands for stand-up paddleboarding, a sport in which one stands on a board and paddles forward with a single paddle. The board is thick and long enough to provide a sense of stability, making it suitable for both children and adults, and even inexperienced riders can try it easily.

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    DMV (Dual Mode Vehicle)

    This is a vehicle that runs on both tracks and roads; in 2021, Asa Coastal Railway became the first in the world to begin commercial operation. It operates between "Awa Kainan Bunka Mura" in Tokushima Prefecture and "Umi no Eki Toromu" in Kochi Prefecture, and has high expectations for the community's liveliness as both a local transportation and tourist resource. Visitors can enjoy a train and bus trip while touring the sightseeing spots along the route.

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    Pension Shishikui

    The pension is dedicated to providing travelers with comfortable accommodations. All guest rooms have ocean views and overlook the blue expanse of the sea. Please enjoy the space where you can feel the charm of Shishikui, the southernmost tip of Tokushima Prefecture.

Itineraries of the courseItineraries

Day 1

  • 11:00

    Make your SUP debut at GOGO SUP&CAFE!

  • 14:00

    Experience the world's first "DMV!"

  • 16:00

    Have a relaxing time at Pension Shishikui!

About the courseDetails of itinerary

Day 1 11:00

Make your SUP debut at GOGO SUP&CAFE!

All you need to enjoy SUP is a swimsuit and a towel! The gentle waves of the Awashima Coast in Anan, southern Tokushima, make the ocean friendly for first-time challengers. There are courses to enjoy sunrise, sunset, and even yoga.

Day 1 14:00

Experience the world's first "DMV!"

A DMV (Dual Mode Vehicle) is a vehicle that combines a train and a bus. Asa Coastal Railway is the first company in the world to operate a DMV in commercial operation.Please experience both "bus mode" and "train mode". The highlight of the tour is the "mode change" scene. Don't miss the announcement of the "finish" after the mode change to the rhythm of the Awaodori dance music!

Day 1 16:00

Have a relaxing time at Pension Shishikui!

All rooms in the main building have ocean views. All cottages on the premises are handmade log houses by the owner.The warmth of the pension's hospitality includes fine meals prepared with local ingredients. Please spend a relaxing time while enjoying the spectacular view of the ocean spreading out before your eyes. Be sure to try their popular homemade cheesecakes and delicious breads that are good for both body and soul.

Pension Shishikui



JPY 8,470 per Adult ~ (Incl. tax)

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Pension Shishikui

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