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Indigo is often referred to as “Japan Blue” by those from overseas. During the Edo period when indigo dyed clothing was abundant, Awa Ai Indigo flourished to the point where it is said to have “dyed the whole of Japan”. In Tokushima Prefecture, there are still indigo merchants who ship sukumo, necessary for indigo dye, all across Japan. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets of indigo’s hometown.

Highlights from the Organizer

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    Natural Indigo Dye - Ai Tanuki

    From indigo dyed clothing to edible indigo, Ai Tanuki allows visitors to learn about and enjoy Awa Ai Indigo using all five senses. In addition to producing “sukumo”, the base for indigo dye, the studio offers Aizome Indigo Dyeing activities and is involved in projects relating to edible indigo. Visitors can try a taste of Awa Ai Indigo Tea and even dye their own handkerchief.

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    Udatsu Townscape

    The word “udatsu” is used to describe a firewall built on the second floor of building that is used to prevent fires from spreading to neighboring houses. This area is commonly known as "Udatsu no Machinami" (Udatsu Townscape) due to the large number of udatsu at both ends of the townhouses. There are also restaurants and souvenir shops that fit in perfectly with the townscape’s atmosphere, so enjoy a pleasant stroll when you visit!

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    This hotel was renovated from the Moriguchi Residence, a private house built in 1881. Guests can enjoy a relaxing time in this modern Japanese space, complete with artwork by contemporary craft artists and high-quality furniture.


Day 1

  • 09:30

    Taste Edible Indigo and Try Indigo Dyeing at Ai Tanuki!

  • 13:00

    A Perfect Photo Spot with a Japanese Flair: Stroll Through the Udatsu Townscape

  • 19:00


Course Details

Day 1 9:30

Taste Edible Indigo and Try Indigo Dyeing at Ai Tanuki!

There is a saying that “indigo craftsmen never get sick”. Awa Ai Indigo is popular not only as a dye, but also as an edible ingredient used to maintain health thanks to its nutritional value and functionality. Enjoy indigo by tasting “Awa Ai Indigo Tea”, made from edible indigo grown without any agrochemicals in the mountains of Mima City, and sweets made using “Ai Indigo Powder”. Afterwards, you can try your hand of dyeing you own unique handkerchief (45 x 45 cm).

Handkerchief Indigo Dyeing & Tasting of Edible Indigo!

★★Tasting of edible indigo and indigo dyeing activity using sukumo (indigo dyestuff ) produced by our company!★★ ∴‥∵‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∴‥∵‥∴ It has long been said that "indigo craftsmen never get sick". Due to its nutritional value and functionality, indigo has not only been popular as a dye, but also been eaten for its health benefits. Although indigo is typically known as a dye, it has been popular as a medicine since ancient times, and its use is described in China's oldest book on medicinal herbs. In Japan, indigo merchants were said to carry it in their pockets as a "good-luck charm" for long journeys during the Edo period. ∴‥∵‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∵‥∴‥∴‥∵‥∴ ● Enjoy edible indigo by tasting "Awa Ai Tea" made from edible indigo grown without any agrochemicals in the mountains of Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture, as well as sweets made from indigo powder. *Please note that the sweets may change depending on the day of the event. ● Try your hand at dyeing a handkerchief. (45 x 45 cm). *Aprons and gloves will be provided, so there is no need to prepare anything in advance! (^^)/ *Please do not wear anything with long sleeves or hems, or shoes that you are not okay with getting dirty. 【Location】 Natural Indigo Dye - AI TANUKI 〒771-2106   63-1, Aza Tenjin, Kirai, Mima-cho, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture *Site of the former Kirai Kindergarten

Mima・Wakimachi・Mt. Tsurugi

Hands-on Crafts

Traditional Crafts


Indigo Dyeing

JPY 4,000 ~ (Incl. tax)

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Day 1 13:00

A Perfect Photo Spot with a Japanese Flair: Stroll Through the Udatsu Townscape

From the Edo period to the Meiji period, the "Ai Yashiki” served as the residence and place of business negotiations for the indigo producers and merchants who were responsible for the production, processing, and distribution of “sukumo” (the base for indigo dye). The Udatsu Townscape, lined with stately residences sporting tiled-roofs and white walls, remains as it was when the Ai Indigo industry was at the height of its prosperity. There are also restaurants and shops that have been restored from the old houses, so visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll around the town!

Day 1 19:00


This hotel is a renovated old private house located in the Udatsu Townscape. Just like the townscape, time seems to move slowly here. The hotel is located close to the Yoshida Family Residence, where a wealthy indigo merchant once lived, the Odeonza Theater, and a Michi no Eki (roadside station), making it a convenient spot for sighting. Take this opportunity to catch your breath and forget about everyday life, or indulge in reading a good book in the lounge. You won’t regret spending a quiet night in this Nationally Important Preservation District for Traditional Buildings.

PAYSAGE Moriguchi

Mima・Wakimachi・Mt. Tsurugi


JPY 14,800 per Adult ~ (Incl. tax)

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PAYSAGE Moriguchi

1 night with 2 meals

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