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Awa no Dochu (Earth pillars)

It is a landform consisting of dozens of earthen pillars created by the erosion of sand and gravel beds.This is the art of the earth, which has been formed over a long period of time since ancient times. Hatougatake, the largest of them all, was designated a national natural monument in 1934 and was selected as one of the 88 scenic spots in Shikoku in 2017.You can look down on it from directly above, and the view is thrilling.The shape of the earth pillars changes from moment to moment, so this is a must-see sightseeing spot while you can still see them.

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    World's three great wonders

    The terrain, consisting of five peaks, is known as one of the "world's three great wonders" because it is found only in the Rocky Mountains of the United States, the Tyrol of Italy, and here in Aba City.

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    How are earth pillars made?

    It was formed about 1 million years ago when the bottom of the Yoshino River was exposed to wind and rain due to topographic change.The upright cliffs are formed by sand and gravel formations and are unique in the world.

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    Two summit viewpoints

    At the top of Hatougatake, you can enjoy a thrilling view of the geological formations that have been carved over the past million years. From the observatory at the top of the hiking course, a panoramic view of Tokushima City awaits you. You can also take a rest at the pavilion.

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At night, you can see the fantastic illuminated earth pillars.

Recommended Courses

After 100 meters along a path from the parking lot, you will reach an observation deck from which you can view the earth pillars from the middle of the hillside.

Walkway beyond the observatory

You can walk along a well-maintained nature trail to get right above the earth pillar. There are no fences there, so it is a thrilling experience.

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    540 Kitayama, Awa-cho, Awa City

  • Parking

    Free parking is available

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