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Handa Somen Noodles

These special noodles can be produced thanks to a combination of the excellent climate of Handa, Tsurugi Town; the clear waters of the Yoshinogawa River; and high-quality wheat. These noodles are thick and have a firm texture. Handa Somen can be easily found at supermarkets and is recommended as a souvenir of your trip to Tokushima.

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    Outdoor Somen Drying

    This is a traditional process of Handa Somen noodle making that takes place from November to March of the following year. In the past, the sight of noodles being dried outdoors was a seasonal tradition at the end of the Fall Festival, but today only a few noodle makers still dry their noodles in their yards.

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    Handa Somen has a history of more than 200 years. It is said that sailors sailing from Onohyo Port in Handa to Muya (now Naruto) then took it to Awaji, Nara, and other locations across Japan.

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    Each Shop has its Own Unique Character

    There are differences in the amount of salt, water, maturing time, drying time, and other factors at each noodle factory. These differences give each noodle factory its own unique flavor. It is fun to compare and choose your favorite noodle makers.

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Cold Winds from Mt. Tsurugi

The cold winds that blow down from the Shikoku Mountain Range and Mt. Tsurugi in winter dries out the somen and brings out an even stronger firmness and flavor.

Handa Somen Shokudo (Restaurant)

Visitors can enjoy creative dishes such as peperoncino made using Handa Somen noodles. The dishes are made with the idea of bringing local flavors that have been around for hundreds of years to the next generation, along with new ways to enjoy them.

Handa Somen Cooperative

The cooperative's original brand "Irimon" won the Grand Prix in the somen category at an event to determine the best dried noodles in Japan. The office in Handa also provides information on Handa Somen stores.

Handa Somen Vending Machine

Kitamuro Hakusen, a manufacturer and seller of Handa Somen, has installed a Handa Somen vending machine along a local national highway. The vending machine sells dried noodles, cup noodles, and original men-tsuyu (a sauce for noodles), allowing visitors to enjoy Handa Somen.

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    Handa, Tsurugi-cho, Mima-gun

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