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Surfing in Tokushima!

Tokushima has many surfing spots, such as Naruto City, the northern part of Tokushima City, and the southern part from Anan City to Kaiyo Town - all of which can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced surfers. Tokushima Prefecture has produced many professional surfers and is sometimes called "Awa no Kuni, the surfing capital of Japan" (Awa is the former name of Tokushima, and "Kuni" means country). In particular, the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture and the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture are the best surfing areas in Shikoku.


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    Kaiyo Town

    Kaiyo Town is one of the best surfing spots in Japan! The area around the mouth of the clear Kaifu River, known as "Kaifu Point," the Ote Beach in front of the Shishikui Onsen Roadside Station, and the Ikumi Beach leading to Kochi Prefecture are always crowded with surfers.

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    Ikumi Surfing Beach

    Ikumi Beach is visited by many surfers, and is also used as a contest site for the NSA (Nippon Surfing Association) and JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Association).

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    Komatsu Coast

    Komatsu Coast is a surfing spot for beginners, advanced surfers, and pros as well. There are surf stores, accommodations, restaurants, and public bathhouses nearby. A live camera is also provided for the summer season only, allowing visitors to check wave conditions.


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    Along the eastern coast of Tokushima Prefecture

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