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Oboke Gorge Pleasure Cruise ~Feel the time of eternity~

The majestic flow of the Yoshino River, which runs through Tokushima Prefecture from west to east, has created beautiful gorges in the valley. The V-shaped valley of the Oboke Gorge, with its steep slopes and rock walls approaching from both banks, has been known as a difficult place to pass through. The rocks on both banks of the Oboke Gorge are said to have been created 200 to 100 million years ago. While listening to the boatman's guide, the boat will take you on an 8-kilometer tour of the canyon, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and the mystery of nature.

Highlights & RecommendationsHighlights

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    Oboke Gorge

    Both banks are rocks called crystalline schist. You can see beautiful rocks and V-shaped valleys that were formed when the area was once an ocean floor. This is a valuable place where visitors can learn about the formation of the Japanese archipelago.

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    Spring in the Valley

    You can feel spring when you see Hachisuka cherry blossoms and Someiyoshino cherry trees blooming around the Oboke Station. And beautiful iwatsutsuji (azalea) can be seen on the rock face of the ravine.

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    koinobori (carp streamer) swimming in a hidden valley

    From March to May, approximately 100 Koinoboris (carp streamers) are displayed on the river. They look as if they are swimming in a beautiful valley, delighting passengers on sightseeing boats. Many photographers come to see the fluttering carp streamers.

About the tourist attractionDetails

kotatsu boat

In winter, the ""Kotatsu (a low, wooden table frame covered by heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits) Boat"" is in operation for a limited time.While warming yourself with a kotatsu, you can see the beauty of the snow-covered valley up close.

Roadside Station Oboke

There is a "Yokai Yashiki" (specter house) which exhibits specters passed down in this area.Various events are held here, including Yokai Night Walks. There is also a footbath (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only).

About Tickets

Tickets for the sightseeing boat are available at the front desk on the first floor of "Restaurant Obokekyo Mannaka".

Map, access

  • Address

    1520 Nishiu, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi City

  • Access

    20 minute walk from Oboke Station on the JR Dosan Line.

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