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Bizan -The symbolic mountain of Tokushima City-

Bizan, at an elevation of 290 meters, is located just south of central Tokushima City. It is only a 10-minute walk from Tokushima Station, making it an easy spot to stop by when strolling through the city. You can enjoy the peaceful cityscape of Tokushima City during the daytime and the wonderful night view of the city at night. To reach the summit observatory, there is a hiking course that can be completed in about 30 minutes while enjoying nature, two driving routes from Route 192 and Route 438, and a ropeway from the Awaodori Kaikan at the foot of the mountain.

Highlights & RecommendationsHighlights

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    Bizan Ropeway

    From the 5th floor of Awaodori Kaikan (Bizan ropeway foot station) to the top of Bizan takes about 6 minutes! You can enjoy the view of Tokushima City from the gondola as it rises slowly. (Ropeway operates every 15 minutes)

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    Summit Observatory

    There is a free observation rest area and restaurant at the Summit Station. Beyond the peaceful scenery of the Yoshino River flowing into the sea and the cityscape of Tokushima, you can see the Onaruto Bridge and as far as Awaji Island and Wakayama prefecture.

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    Bizan Park

    The park is beautifully landscaped with a fan-shaped cascade of flowers, a flower and bird observation area, and a bird-watching trail, allowing visitors to enjoy nature in all four seasons. The park is also the goal point of the Bizan hiking course.

About the tourist attractionDetails

View from the summit

The Yoshino River stretches from the center of Tokushima City to the left and right, and the mountains of the Asan Mountain Range, Seto Inland Sea, and Kishu Mountains can be seen in the distance. At night, visitors can enjoy a glittering view that differs from that during the daytime.

Flower and Bird Viewing Area

The approximately 12,000-square-meter square includes a lawn and a bird-watching garden path, and the 3,900 trees, both tall and short, provide a sense of nature throughout the four seasons.

hiking trail

Passing through the torii gate of Tenjinjya next to the Awa Odori Kaikan, the tour starts with 400 stone steps. After passing the 100-meter marker and crossing under the ropeway, the view opens up and you can see Shiroyama and the Yoshino River beyond.

Enjoy the night view

We recommend that you finish dinner early, watch the Awa Odori dance performance at the Awa Odori Hall, and then take the ropeway to enjoy the night view of Tokushima.

Map, access

  • Address

    Higashiyama, Hachiman-cho, Tokushima City

  • Parking

    Free parking is available in Bizan Park at the top of the mountain.

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